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Mobile Solutions with Microsoft Azure and Continuous Delivery from Visual Studio Online
Speaker: Mark MacDonnell
25th June, 2015
Mobile Solutions with Microsoft Azure and Continuous Delivery from Visual Studio Online
You will learn about Microsoft Azure’s mobile back end services offerings, how they can be leveraged for mobile and traditional applications
Cloud Camp Toronto 2015 @ May 21
Speaker: Rodney Buike
21st May, 2015
Enhance your technical skills and take advantage of cloud capabilities in your work The Microsoft Azure DevCamp is a great placed to get started with Microsoft Azure development and to learn what's new with the latest Microsoft Azure features...
Cloud computing is transforming businesses (Feb 18th, 2014)
Speaker: Rodney Buike
18th Feb, 2014
Cloud computing is transforming businesses. It is offering new tools and services to quickly address changing business needs..
design pattern (24 Oct2013)
Speaker: Erez Harari
24th Oct, 2013
A design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design.
Introduction to .NET Reactive Extensions (19 Sep 2013)
Speaker: Andrei Marukovich
19th Sep, 2013
we will discuss Reactive Extensions library for .NET and will explore how
Rx simplifies the management and composition of asynchronous events.
Scaling Scrum In Larger Organizations (13 June, 2013)
Speaker: Lars Laakes
13 June, 2013
Taking Agile to the Enterprise

Agile development methodologies such as SCRUM and Kanban “by-the-book” have been proven to work very well for:

Windows Azure WORKSHOP (April 18, 2013)
Speaker: Jonathan Rozenbit
18th April 2013
Azure workshop will introduce developers to Windows Azure development concepts and help developers building Windows Azure apps.
Windows Azure considerations and approaches (Nov 15, 2012)
Speaker: Chris Clayton
15th Nov 2012
this session Chris going to cover how we can design and architecture a solution to work with azure platform.
Architecture Requirements Management (Oct 26, 2012)
Speaker: Jason Uppal
26 OCT 2012.
In this presentation, I will define what are Architecture Requirements, how to solicit and analyse them. I will show comprehensive list of Architecture Requirements for a Real life Business Strategy - ability to Plan Continuously. Those attending this session will learn:
windows phone 7 (metro design language) for architects
Speaker: paul laberge
24 May 2012.
In the past year, we've worked with hundreds of developers and designers interpreting the "Metro" design system for their own purposes. We've seen great interpretations, and others that aren't so great.
Acceptance Test Driven Development in practice
19 April 2012
While automated testing tools and unit testing frameworks have proven their effectiveness and are widely accepted by the agile teams practicing Test Driven Development, not many teams see a project’s test suite as the result of a joint effort between the developers, testers and domain experts.
Introduction 4 Day Training Workshop on the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). 4 Day (12 Hour) workshop will serve as an introduction to the framework and provide practical guidance on how to apply TOGAF for the analysis and design of information systems and aligning these with the organizations business strategy.
Understanding Architecture Framework's (TOGAF, Zachman)
Speaker: Bashar Al-Jamal
Enterprise Architecture (EA) Frameworks are commonly used in Information Technology and Information Systems Governance. An organization may wish to mandate that certain models be produced before a system design can be approved. But EA Frameworks offer other strategic views that allow an Organization align its key growth initiatives and value drivers towards developing and delivering mature business capabilities.
Windows Azure Platform - 3 day Training Workshop
Speaker: microsoft canada
26th - 28th Jan, 2011
Microsoft technology partners are invited to attend a Metro Workshop event for Developers focusing on Windows Azure Platform. Delivered through workshop style presentations and hands-on lab exercises, this event will focus on three key services of the Windows Azure Platform – Windows Azure, SQL Azure and .NET Services.
SOLID Development Patterns for Mere Mortals
Speaker: Philip Japikse
Wednesday 27th Oct, 2010
Software development patterns have been around long before the MVC Framework gained momentum. In this session we will start with a review of Robert C. Martin's (Uncle Bob) SOLID macronym. After building the proper foundation,..
Considering Business Application Frameworks for your next enterprise app: A comparison of custom .NET versus XRM versus SharePoint development
Speaker: Jim bowyer
Thursday 30th Sep, 2010
In the early nineties Jim worked with products like Lotus Notes to build business applications. For a while the impact of the web pushed these kinds of business application frameworks aside but once again the ascendancy of these kinds of frameworks is back
How to use T4 to implement Domain-Specific practices in your project.
Speaker: Joubin Najmaie
Thursday 25th Nov, 2010
In this session you'll know how T4 was used to implement a DSL-based project and how we followed Domain-specific development practices.
BizTalk and the role of Data Architecture in the Enterprise.
Speaker: Winson Woo
Thursday 29th July, 2010
A role that BizTalk and overall integration plays in product taxonomy and information architecture in the enterprise.
Introduction to CSLA
Speaker: Chris Dufour
To be determined.
The primary focus of CSLA .NET is to help in the creation of a rich object-oriented business layer that expresses the needs of the business domain model.
VSTS2010 deep dive with Adam Gallant
Speaker: Adam Gallant
Thursday 4th Feb, 2010
What’s New in Visual Studio 2010 tools and capabilities that will help architects understand how to better build, test and operate software solutions..
An Architect’s Recap of the Microsoft PDC.
Speaker: Dave Remmer
10th Dec, 2009 (EST)
A look at some of the highlights of the announcements and technologies introduced and discussed at the PDC..
Microsoft Patterns and Practices Web Client Software Factory
Speaker: Alexander Turlov
29th Oct, 2009 (EST)
Building enterprise-class modular web applications with Microsoft Patterns and Practices Web Client Software Factory
Architecting Rich Online Experiences with Microsoft Silverlight
Speaker: Paul Laberge
24th Sep, 2009 (EST)
More often than not, today’s software solutions involve connected applications making use of services through the web or intranet. Microsoft Silverlight is one of the new web platform technologies designed to provide solution providers with the ability to create innovative and immersive experiences on the web today, both in and out of the browser.
Transparent Architecture: A Clear Path of Differentiated Capabilities.
Speaker: Bashar Al-Jamal
27rd Aug, 2009 (EST)
Capabilities have been ignored by many companies over the years, because many IT Leaders don’t have experience in building them and because they are often regarded as nonessential.

Capabilities have been ignored by many companies over the years, because many IT Leaders don’t have experience in building them and because they are often regarded as nonessential.

Becoming an Architecture Entrepreneur.
Speaker: Dave Remmer
23rd July, 2009 (EST)
As economies experience a downturn there are inevitable contractions and changes in activity – not to mention individuals who are put in a position of needing to look at alternative career options. One of the fascinating upsides is....
Strategic Methodology Selection.
Speaker: Kavin Aguanno
16th June, 2009 (EST)
Join in this session to learn about the spectrum of development methodologies, from waterfall at one end to agile at the other, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and what types of projects are best suited to a given method.
Architectural Strategies for Increased Testability and Modularity
Speaker: Marion Cardinal
25th May, 2009
This presentation explains how to easily test in an autonomous way, in a test bed, an application conceived with modular abstractions such as the “layer”. You will acquire fundamental knowledge about how to partitions into layers the concerns of the application. We will teach you the best practices regarding application architecture and modularity. We will demonstrate how to apply “top-down” as well as “test-driven” design techniques. You will learn how to correctly design the “velcro”, the visible interface of a module. In the same way, you will learn how to conceive a “fake” implementation, an efficient strategy to test a module in an autonomous way. Overall, you will learn how to design for testability and why we need a unit of modularity that goes beyond object.
Designing for the Cloud and the Data Centre
Speaker: Dave Remmer
24th Nov, 2008
Designing for the Cloud and the Data Centre...
Architecting Modern Web Solutions
Speaker: Dave Remmer
21st Oct, 2008
Architecting Modern Web Solutions....