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Mobile Solutions with Microsoft Azure and Continuous Delivery from Visual Studio Online

Most mobile applications (and yes, games, too!) have some kind of connectivity to the internet or a services layer. While creating a services layer for any front end can be relatively easy, doing it from scratch can be cumbersome and time consuming. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform with a large variety of services available to mobile developers to use as part of their app infrastructure, with an express interest in allowing those developers to focus on the functionality of their idea rather than build the plumbing that is common to most mobile architectures.

Continuous delivery is all about making more, smaller commits and having them appear live to your web app or service. The benefit is found in reducing your testing time sometimes even automating it, losing less times to fixes, and reducing the amount of time your service is down due to flaws and faults.

You will learn about Microsoft Azure’s mobile back end services offerings, how they can be leveraged for mobile and traditional applications as well as how to scale their backend seamlessly as their application becomes more popular. Additionally, developers will see how to integrate their Visual Studio Online projects directly into Azure to implement continuous delivery for their web projects.

Mark MacDonnell (Software Developer with SELA Canada )
Since joining SELA Canada, he has taken an interest in, and developed a focus on, app development for Windows 8.x and Windows Phone. Along with this, Mark has been focusing on mobile development, cross-platform via Xamarin, and Open Data and its benefits for developers.

You can find Mark at his blog ( or on Twitter @MacDonnellMark (

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25th June, 2015
Location! MSN Office, 222 Bay Street, Suite 1201, Toronto, ON, M5K 1E7
    5:30pm to 6:00pm - Meet and greet (food and drinks will be provided)
    6:00 - opening remarks from the user group president
    6:00 to 8:00pm - Main Session & Questions and Discussion
    8:00pm to 8:30pm - Wrap up and prizes.!


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