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Cloud Camp Toronto 2015 @ May 21

Cloud Camp Toronto 2015 Microsoft Azure

Enhance your technical skills and take advantage of cloud capabilities in your work. The Microsoft Azure DevCamp is a great placed to get started with Microsoft Azure development and to learn what's new with the latest Microsoft Azure features. This day Cloud DevCamp (5:30 - 8:30pm) will highlight creating scalable web applications using C#, building cloud applications that can connect with your existing applications or on-premises environments and demonstrating the flexibility of Virtual Machines for multiple operating systems.

Session Topics
  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Azure
  • Developing Azure Web Application
  • Managing/Securing Azure Web Application
  • Scaling Azure Web Application
  • Deploying Azure Web Application
  • Monitoring Azure Web Application
  • Questions and Wrap-up

Bruce Johnson (Principal Consultant with ObjectSharp )
Bruce Johnson is a Principal Consultant with ObjectSharp and a 30-year veteran of the computer industry. While he includes UNIX in his long distant past, the past 15 years have been spent on projects at the leading edge of Windows technology, including using .NET since the introduction of version 1.0.

His experience includes the creation of commercial web applications using AJAX, the implementation of numerous service-based architectures and the building of various Windows-based applications for software vendors. As well as his experience in system design and development, he has written a bi-monthly technology column (for six years), has been published in a wide variety of technology periodicals, has given over 200 presentations at user conferences all over North America and has co-authored five books for Microsoft Press and Wrox.

Please take a moment to REGISTER to help us ensure we have adequate facilities, food, and drink for everyone.

21st May, 2015
Location! MSN Office, 222 Bay Street, Suite 1201, Toronto, ON, M5K 1E7
    5:00pm to 5:30pm - Meet and greet (food and drinks will be provided)
    5:45 - opening remarks from the user group president
    5:45 to 8:30pm - Main Session
    8:30 - Open Forum for Questions and Discussion
    8:45pm to 9:00pm - Wrap up and prizes.!


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